Lush Winter 2017

Some of the best invites a girl can get are those from Lush! We LOVE the fresh, handmade products from Lush. They only use fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. And they constantly fight against animal testing! Yay Lush! We love you!

Lush Halloween and Winter collections are always super popular, this is the moment to get your hands on some amazing limited edition products and fun Christmas themed goodies!

Joya and I were invited to the anual Winter Collection Presentation at the gorgeous Lush flagshipstore at the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam! There were only a lucky few with an invitation for tonight and Joya was the only kid! What a huge honour for this little Lush-aholic!

We were super excited to be a part of this evening and we couldn’t wait to try out some of the brand new products and to discover some of our all time favourites back in stock, like Joya’s absolute number one: Snow Fairy!

Read all about all the Snow Fairy products below but first let me tell you about this fun evening!

We got to test some bath bombs! Like this Luxury Lush Pud!

It’s like a rainbow but way better! And it smells so good; like Twilight, with calming lavender, warm tonka and ylang ylang oil to lift your mood!

We also got a little Knot-Wraps-workshop where we got to pick our favourite Knot-Wraps and learn how to wrap up a Plum Snow bubble bar! And the best part of it: we got to keep it all!

Wrapping it up!  Joya loved this Starry Night Knot-Wrap and learned different ways to wrap it! Back home she is still wrapping up all kinds of things in this colourful piece of organic cotton! And she is trying to teach me some ways to use it too!

Based on the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki, Knot-Wraps are a great way to wrap any gift. Made from either organic cotton or two recycled plastic bottles, each one of our beautiful Knot-Wraps is extremely kind to the environment.

And back to testing some new products! Naked products! ~ Let me tell you all about those lovely new naked musthaves!

“Naked shower gel… Isn’t that just soap?”

Nope! Naked shower gels work in exactly the same way as their liquid counterparts without the need for packaging. At first glance they might look the same as some of the soaps you’ve grown to love over the years but naked shower gels don’t contain any soap base, they instead share most of the same ingredients as liquid shower gel.

Creating a naked product not only saves on packaging, it also makes your shower gels easier to use and it is more convenient to travel with. No liquid allowances to worry about and less wasted product down your plug hole.

In 2016, Lush sold over 5 million bottles of shower gel, if just half of the customers who purchased these bottles switched to naked shower gels, Lush could save approximately 2.6 million bottles from ending up in landfill. Wow!

We got to bring home some Naked Showergels and Naked Body Conditioners and let me tell you; they are truly  amazing! First of all, they smell delicious and they really do indeed just have the same effect as the bottled liquid showergels!

Joya got a real royal treatment from the lovely Lush girls! Here you can see my little Lushie getting to try out the new Snow Fairy Naked Showergel and Sparkle Jar! Joya absolutely loves this smell and the glitters from the Sparkle Jar made it all extra magical!

Have you already seen the new Lush Sparkle Jars? Oh my gosh, if you’re into massage bars and shimmery powder then this is something you’ll gonna love, love, love! The moon-shaped jar is all about the famous Twilight smell and the star-shaped jar is 100% Snow Fairy!

They melt on your skin, leaving a delicious smell and a subtle sparkle and then the magic happens: when you turn the jar upside down glittery powder dust appears! We are big fans!!

For those who are curious about the inside of these Sparkle Jars (like us!), we asked if we could see the inside. We were told you can use this product for around 45 or 50 times before you’re out of sparkly dust, so that’s pretty amazing! You don’t need much when you apply this, a little bit of powder already gives you a lovely shimmer!

Time for a typical Dutch snack with a twist! You might think these are just some simple bitterballen but oh, no! These are biet-erballen! Made with beets! Vegan! And so yummy!

While I was enjoying some delicious bieterballen, Joya discovered a huge Snowman shower jelly!

A Lush bar of soap is always a good idea! Like this pastel perfect Snowcloud!

Jelly Bombs are so cool! Drop these bombs in your tub and watch it ooze a layer of supernatural jelly on top of your water!

Joya got a lovely hair treatment! Her hair is so long, it can be a real challenge to find the right hair products for her. The girls at Lush gave us some fab tips!

This one is by far a favourite of Joya’s older brother: Jayden! He loves Lord of Misrule and I totally agree! This is an awesome smell!

Look at all these amazing soaps! The Golden Pear is a piece of art, they look so realistic! And the smell… Pearfect!

The focus was not on make-up tonight but ofcourse we had to check out this part of this huge flagshipstore too! We just looove the liptints and lipscrubs. And we discovered some amazing new products:

More Naked musthaves! These round bars are liptints for soft, lickable lips with a hint of color. Apply directly to lips or use a brush to apply.

Also available are Naked Lip Scrubs and even a Lip Block which is a trio of shimmery shades in the same block, you can rock all sorts of high-impact, metallic looks all winter long. Wear the foiled copper, silver or gold shades on their own, or try layering them on top of your favorite lipsticks to transform them with glittering holiday glamour. You could even blend all three colors together to create your own custom shade!

This soap is like a super Christmas Citrus! With lime oil, fresh lemon juice and bergamot!

Those little Christmas trees are the cutest luxury bath melts ever! Tree-D is a lovely mix of tangerine and grapefruit and the natural oils and butters will soften and moisturize your skin!

And that’s it. For now! We will post some reviews of our favourite Christmas Lush products soon and there might be a give-away coming up too! Just stay around @JoyaMonroe for details!

Thank you so much for having us, Lush Nederland! We had so much fun and really enjoyed spending the evening at this gorgeous flagshipstore in Amsterdam with all your lovely employees.

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