Joya and the Minimoomis!

Yesterday was a very special day for Joya! The mailman came by with a big parcel all the way from Germany! Inside the box was a lovely, cuddly and colourful surprise: Minimoomis!

Minimoomis are adorable plush toys. They live in the magical world of a fairy named Ylvi and her unicorn, Naya. The Minimoomis are Ylvi and Naya’s best friends and together they all go on adventures in their colourful world.

Meet Ylvi! A pretty little fairy with long lilac hair. She has her very own unicorn, Naya, who also has beautiful pastel coloured hair. Together they live in a magical world, filled with little furry creatures: the Minimoomis!

Naya is a unicorn, with lots of pastel colours. And all her little Minimoomi friends are also very colourful!

You can recognize a Minimoomi by it’s big googly eyes, soft fur and bright colours. There are many different Minimoomis to collect. There’s Cooco, a blue bunny with very long ears, Leoo is a bright red lion, Floodo is a black bat, Doodo is a purple elephant and Kikoo is a colourful parrot. Just to name a few! Each one has their own sounds and they measure around 20cm.

Joya was lucky enought to get 3 Minimoomis: Cooco, Kikoo and Floodo!

Cooco and Floodo both make adorable little noises when you softly press on their hearts and Kikoo is a chatty little parrot who repeats your every word, even when you sing!

Floodo is a little bat who also looks a bit like a little cat! You might think he’s dangerous, with those pointy teeth but that’s not true at all! Floodo is super soft and loooves cuddles! Press his little heart and he makes adorable sounds!

Blue Cooco is the one who goes to synchronized swimming with Joya during training. Like a little mascotte. Floodo is the one who protects her at night. And Kikoo is the one who makes her laugh all day long! So every Minimoomi has it’s own kind of superpower!

Joya takes little chatty Kikoo with her wherever she goes, even on long trainrides he is her sidekick!

Besides plush toys there are also lots of other products available with Ylvi, Naya and the Minimoomis on it. There is a huge collection of stationery, apparel, bags and gifts!

Look at all those Minimoomis musthaves! Activity books, mugs, magic markers, stickerbooks. And everything has beautiful designs of Ylvi’s magical world!

Top row: Cooco, Zooi, Fioona and Leoo. Bottom row: Floodo, Doodo, Kikoo and Dracoo.

Which one of the Minimoomis is your favourite? 

I personally adore Fioona but Joya put pink plush Zooi at #1 on her birthday wishlist over at! This Listi website is like a digital wishlist. You just have to search for the toys you want, click to add them to your list and when you’re done you can email the list to your family and friends; everyone you’ve invited to your birthdayparty! Superfun and easy! Listi shows the receivers where they can buy the products and even compares prices between different toystores!

Minimoomis make the perfect gift for every (little) girl or boy. They’re supersoft, cuddly and are guaranteed to bring a big smile on your face!

Shop your Minimoomis online at the fabulous and fun Dreamland webshop!

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