About June!

Another month has passed. Time really does fly by! We hope you had a lovely June – we sure did! Let me show you what we did in the past four weeks:

June 1st. 2018

Joya did the “Avondvierdaagse”, in which kids walk 5K every evening for four days in a row. The last evening had tropical temperatures and lots of rain and thunder! But she did it! Her fun poncho is from Bang Bang Cph!

June 2nd. 2018

Joya had her very first synchronized swimming competition, in Groningen. She did a solo on Lady Gaga’s Poker-face and won 2nd place! How amazing is that?! A silver medal on her first competition! Woohoo!! Joya will be showing her fabulous solo again at the club gala next week! I am so proud of her!

June 16. 2018

And then she had a gymnastics gala! Joya did two group-numbers where they combined dance and gymnastics with all the girls aged 7 and 8 years old. It was a lot of fun to see all these little girls having the best time showing of their skills in front of a large audience!

And when we got back home that day, there was a lovely parcel filled with adorable jewelry from PopCutie! It was like the icing on the cake, the perfect ending of a great day!   โ™ก  The denim blouse is from Blue Rebel!

June 17. 2018

Also… We went to a trampoline park in Assen: JumpStyle. We’d never been there before but it was pretty awesome! Joya got to jump for 2 hours and even after that she still had energy left and wanted to continue! So we’ll definately going back there again soon!

June 6, 20 & 28. 2018

With June being incredible sunny and warm it may not come as a surprise when I tell you we’ve been going to that awesome local lake a lot in the past month! Sometimes is was just the two of us, just Joya and me. Sometimes her big brother Jayden came with us and a few times we went together with my dear friend Griselda and her son (and Joya’s best friend) Boris!

With temperatures over 27 degrees you only need water and friends to play with! Add lots of sunscreen and funny inflatables and you’ll have the best day ever!

We’ve got around 7 different pool inflatables now, most of them are from the Big Mouth brand and I ordered the rainbow with the cloud from Asos.

Yes, Joya has a lot of bathingsuits and bikini’s but this girls swims a lot! This pretty piece with lots of ruffles and a tropical design is from the BillieBlush SS18 collection ~ which I bought on sale at Hudson’s Bay.

Joya’s wearing an amazing shirt from Little Marc Jacobs and shorts from Milk & Biscuitswe’re totally obsessed with this brand and you’ll be seeing much more of it soon! Promise! This photo was taken after hours and hours of swimming, I believe we arrived at around 15:00 and stayed until 20:00 at this local lake.

June 29. 2018

And then there was this new hype: Ztringz. Just a rainbow coloured rope which you can use to make all kinds of shapes, like a butterfly, an angel, the Eiffel Tower and many other things. Joya is obsessed with her Ztringz and tries out new tricks with her friends at school every day!

June 30. 2018

We also went to see The Incredibles 2! Joya loved the first movie a lot, so we had to go check out this new movie as soon as it came out! Some scenes were sooo funny, I couldn’t stop laughing! No spoilers but baby Jack-Jack is hilarious! Oh, and we also got to see the new Pixar short movie Bao before the Incredibles 2 started. And it was the cutest little short ever! We saw the movie at a VUE cinema in 3D-XD while being in VIP chairs and it was a fantastic experience! If you haven’t seen it yet, we highly recommand this new Disney movie! It’s INCREDIBLE!

And there you have it, these were the highlights of our June. Now let’s have an even better July!

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