Jump House Berlin!

Before I took Joya to Berlin I made a list of fun things to do while we would be there. I was going to take her swimming, shopping and… jumping! Berlin has the biggest trampoline-park of Germany! Over 4000 mยฒ of trampoline-fun! OMG! Joya was going to LOVE this! So I booked a time slot on monday evening, to finish our trip to Berlin with a lot of jumping around! And she had no idea!

After a fun last day in Berlin we took the S-bahn, starting from Warschauer Str. to Eichborndamm, which is an 34 minute ride. From there it’s a 650 meter long walk to Jump House. And Joya still had no clue about what we were about to go do! But the moment we entered the building her eyes lit up and she got super, super excited! She was beyond happy!

Jump House Berlin is huge and very popular! So you really have to book a timeslot before you go. This you can do online, just pick a date and a time!

There is a wall-jump to channel your inner Spiderman on! An American Gladiator Battle Box to battle it out with your friends, there are dodgeball fields, there’s a foam-jump where you’ll jump into a large pool filled with foam, a bag-jump where you’ll launch yourself on a huge bouncycastle-kinda bag, a slam-jump to show your basketball skills on and then there are 70 little trampolines to freestyle on! Whoaa!!

Book a timeslot to make sure you can start jumping right away when you arrive at the Jump House! Booking can be done online, so that’s what I did!

Sixty minutes of jumptime at Jump House costs โ‚ฌ13. And an hour and a half costs โ‚ฌ19,50. There is also an option to book 2 hours for the price of โ‚ฌ26 but I went with ninety minutes. I decided to take Joya around 18:00 so we could wander around Berlin all day and then take the S-bahn to Jump House Berlin for a memorable end of our mom/daughter-vacay!

There’s this little shop at the back of Jump House, where you can buy all kinds of snacks and drinks but the Slushies were most popular because jumping around for hours makes you super thirsty and warm! What better way to take a little break with a huge cup of icecold Slush?

You get a pair of Jump House socks when you enter the trampoline area, you have to wear those and ar not allowed to wear your own socks! And after your done jumping around you can actually keep the socks!

Joya was wearing a gymsuit by Bang Bang Copenhagen! This outfit was perfect for this occassion!

Jump House Berlin is really awesome and a great idea when you want to do something super active during your stay in Berlin!

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