skate fever

Rollerskating is awesome! But finding a great indoor rollerskate rink nearby our home is impossible, so we went on a 3 hour trip to Capelle a/d IJssel today because that’s where you’ll find Skate Fever!

Skate Fever is truly amazing! Lovely people, awesome roller rink, great music and just the perfect vibe to spend an entire day at!

Joya’s look today was a simple black tanktop from Zara and a fun pants from Bang Bang Cph. The cute kitty shoes are from Irregular Choice.

After seeing the staff of Annette’s Diner in Disneyland Paris on rollerskates (earlier this year) Joya just knew that’s what she wanted to do too; being able to rollerskate, just like them! So I surprised her with a pair of rainbow Rookie skates and she taught herself how to use them, with all kinds of tricks.

Amazing to see how much she loves to skate now! And that’s why we just needed to take this long trip to the other side of the country to visit a real roller rink!

You can bring your own rollerskates (if they’re clean!) or rent a pair for the day! But you can also buy some superduper skates! Joya is pointing to a pair that she really likes!

The rollerskate rink at Skate Fever is truly gorgeous, with all kinds of fab lights, great music, smoke machines, and lots of comfy places around the floor for people to sit, relax and have a drink. I can only imagine how epic the parties late at night must be, when a real DJ is playing records and the floor is filled with grown-ups! But during the day it’s open for all kinds op people, young and old, boys and girls!

If only we lived closer to this rollerskate rink… You can have a kids birthday party here, do skate & karaoke with friends, eat lots of yummy pancakes and do many more fun things at Skate Fever. I guess whe’ll have to move to Capelle a/d IJssel then…

At the rink we met Dylani (not pictured), a very sweet and gorgeous girl who happens to be an amazing rollerskate pro! She was kind enough to teach Joya some fun little tricks. It was really an honor to meet her, she is so talented! Joya really looked up to her and even now, days later, she talks about Dylani all the time. She even said: “When I grow up, I want to be just like her!” Awww!!

Joya has a pair of Rookie Rainbow Forever skates from Wheelz4kids, but they have many other amazing skates for sale too. Joya already made her new wishlist, which you can see on this image above. I really love the pastel Rio’s and the lavender Chaya’s.

I hope this is a hobby for a long time, for Joya. It does look like it! It’s such an original and fun leisure activity but perhaps Joya can and will make it a sport activity some day, but unfortunately there are no rollerskate clubs or rinks nearby our home…

If you have any info about a club in the north of the Netherlands; please email us! <3

You can find Skate Fever in Capelle a/d IJssel at Rhijnspoor 275. No need to make reservations, just check their website for opening hours and drop by! You can bring your own (clean) skates or rent a pair on the spot. Keep an eye out on the agenda to see when the next rollerdisco or other fun events will be! Click here for more info!

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