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Earlier this year we went to Disneyland Paris and we became huge fans of Annette’s Diner. Their table service is very special with the waiters wearing rollerskates! This is when Joya started to ask for her own pair of rollerskates and I started searching online for the brand that has the best skates for children. I found these fabulous rainbow Rookie skates at Dutch webshop Wheelz4Kids and I knew this just had to be her very first pair! Rookie has been making high quality roller skates since 1978 and makes rollerskates both gorgeous and comfortable with an amazing retro vibe. Joya was super surprised and over the moon when I suprised her with these colourful rollerskates. Mission accomplished! Now it was up to her to learn how to actually use them!

Oooh, look how pretty they are!

But Joya being Joya she wanted to master the art of skating within a day and she was not amused that this was going to take some serious practice. But she tried on her rollerskates every single day and learned herself how to keep her balance and skate. I didn’t allow her to go skating outside at first, she had to practise in the livingroom. She fell, a lot. She fell up to twenty times a day but she was so super focused and determined, she never gave up! There were many tears but she kept on trying! And now, two months later, she can skate like a little pro and I am so proud!

This Little Marc Jacobs dress is perfect for an afternoon of rollerskating! 

Skating is her new favourite hobby! She even wants to join a roller derby team when she’s older! Whoaa! How awesome would that be?!

The cute rings are from our favourite kids~jewelry brand: PopCutie!

Girl took my new Polly Pocket bag from TruffleShuffle! Can’t blame her, haha!

The cutest bag EVER!

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