Kinderboekenweekfeest literally means “childrensbooks-week-party” and is an anual happening to celebrate the start of the Dutch childrensbook-week. We also have a normal anual book-week but this one, which starts next week, is for kids only! And to celebrate the start of the upcoming Kinderboekenweek we were invited to a huge book party! Yay!

Kinderboekenweek has been around since 1955 and means that one week a year it’s all about childrensbooks, their fabulous writers, their amazing illustrators and ofcourse the best stories! Schools and libraries are having special activities to celebrate reading and telling stories. There is also a theme every year. This year the theme was griezelen, which translated means shiver/creep out/being spooked! Very Halloween-y and we love it!

The invites for today were amazing! Real golden tickets!

Webshop had a huge book-party at our favourite location: the Snor Fabriek in Utrecht! It was invite only for 150 kids whom all got to bring one other kid and one adult. A few days before the party we received a golden envelope with our tickets: golden tickets! So cool!

Joya took her 12 year old brother Jayden and ofcourse me, her mom!

Design for todays event was done by the talented Ilse Weisfelt!

All the kids got this keycord with a large label where they could cross off things like a free icecream cone, lemonade and chips, coffee/tea for mom and a goodiebag!

A few of Joya’s favourite autors were going to be at this bookparty too and we got the chance to meet them and let them sign a few of Joya’s books! How amazing is that? Highlight of the day for us was a meeting with the super popular Jill. She made a few DIY books about learning how to draw but also came with a brandnew fiction-book! She also has an fun daily show on television and has over a 100k followers on instagram!

Joya already owned 3 of Jills books and we bought her new DIY book today and got Jill to sign it!

Jill was promoting all of her books today but some in particular, like “Elvy’s Wereld”. This is her very first fiction book, about a girl named Elvy and her sister Joy on Ibiza. It’s for girls aged around 10 so maybe Joya is a bit too young to read it yet but I just know I will buy this for her soon!

Jills new how~to~draw~book! We bought this one right here on the spot and got it signed by Jill herself! Woohoo!

There was a long line of people waiting to meet & greet Jill! She was sitting on a comfy chair, somewhere in the middle of those blue balloons! And look at all those kids dressed up for this spooky party!

Jill & Joya! <3 Besties!  Joya looks a bit wild with her red cheeks, because she just came from the bouncy-house! She also looks a bit shy but hey, meeting your idol is not something you’ll do everyday! PS. look at Jills shoes! Perfection!

Signed by the one and only Jill!

And I asked her to add Joya’s name to this page. So cute! Joya is super proud of her signed book and can’t wait to show it at school!

So many goodiebags, from Jill for her fans! Inside those bags were items from Jills new party collection like balloons and pencils but also stickers and a notebook! In the back you can see the spot where the SuperJuffie crew would have a meet & greet later today!

And then it was time to meet this super duo, writer Janneke Schotveld and illustrator Annet Schaap! These two made all those amazing Superjuffie books, we just love them! Joya got her first Superjuffie book for her birthday and her teacher used to tell the adventures of Superjuffie in class!

How amazing is this? A Superjuffie book signed by the author and illustrator!

Janneke Schotveld also wrote this years Kinderboekenweek-geschenk. When you buy a childrensbook during the childrensbookweek you’ll always get a little gift; a book that is made for this occassion only! This year the book is written by Janneke and it’s called Kattensoep (which translates to Cat Soup)! Sounds pretty awesome!

We did get a fun goodiebag from when we left the event but there was no Kattensoep inside, unfortunately. But this means I’ll have the perfect excuse to buy some more new childrensbooks this week at our local bookstore to get my hands on this musthave gift!

Joya’s brother bought a Fantasia book and got it signed by the one and only Geronimo Stilton himself! One of the illustrators made a drawing in the book for him, how amazing is that?

There were sooo many fun things to do today at this event at the Snor Fabriek! You could make a magic wand, play in a pubquiz, make fake blood, listen to writers read from their new books, eat icecream, dance to Kinderen voor Kinderen and go to a fortune teller!

There was a fortune teller and she had a real crystal ball! Spooky!

There were also some of our favourite characters walking around. We saw Peppa Pig, Dikkie Dik and Nijntje! And we hugged them all!

There was also a book market where you could buy lots of childrensbooks!

There you have Filemon Wesselink reading from his new book; Papa zegt Ja.

The Snor Fabriek looked spooky and fabulous!

Today was just perfect and the Snor Fabriek was the best location to have this party! We had so much fun! Thanks so much for having us & de Wereld van Snor! We loved it!

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