at the Badeschiff!

While we were staying at the Nhow hotel in Berlin, we had a gorgeous view of the Spree river from our room on the 6th floor! From our window we could also see the Badeschiff swimmingpool, across the river, and Joya really, really wanted to go swimming there. Luckily I packed her bikini and goggles so we could visit that awesome pool right away!

From the hotel it was about a 20 minute walk to get to the other side of the river and we decided to leave after a light breakfast in the morning. The pool opens at 08:00 and we highly recommand this for a fun way to wake up on an early mondaymorning! The water is super cold but once you get used to it, it’s great actually! It didn’t stop Joya for wanting to go back on tuesday morning! So we made this pool part of our daily routine during our stay in Berlin!

Welcome to the Badeschiff, an infinity pool in the middle of the Spree! There’s a city beach, a bar, a playground for the little ones and this all comes with an amazing view! You can also join a yoga group in the morning or rent paddleboards. Plenty of fun things to do at this awesome location!

The Badeschiff pool is a little bit heated but was still very cold with a temperature of only 20 degrees! That didn’t stop Joya from jumping in and having a great, yet almost freezing, swim! 

Also the lifeguards and all the other people working at the Badeschiff are super nice and friendly but it’s Tanja who really has a special place in our hearts after meeting her these days <3

With the Nhow hotel in the background! Joya really had the best time swimming in this lovely infinity pool!

Swimming in the Spree? Yes!!

The view is amazing!

Warm towels and lots of cuddles for my little lady after this very refreshing swim!

My brave little girl in the super cold water!

A real awesome location to hang out on a hot summer day! Or a cloudy mondaymorning!

Hanging out at the playground wearing some warm and cosy items from the Bang Bang Copenhagen AW17 collection!

You can’t miss it; thanks to this huge duckie on top of the building!

And in the background you can see the fabulous Nhow hotel!

So much fun; there’s a photobooth at the entrance of the Badeschiff! Perfect for a lovely souvenir to remember this great day by!

Get a dayticket for kids aged seven to twelve for only €2! Kids under the age of seven can visit the Badeschiff for free and over twelve it only costs €5! A great price for a great day out! Just sit back and relax in one of the comfy beach chairs, have a drink and enjoy the iconic view while your kids have a great time in and around the pool!

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