A while ago Joya and I rescued a tiny kitty when we walked to school one morning. This little ball of fur was wondering around on the middle of a roundabout! Cars were driving pretty fast but thankfully a car stopped just in time when the kitty tried to cross the road! It was a very scary moment and the girl who was driving the car was in shock! She had almost hit it! I took the kitty, as the girl was on her way to work and in a hurry. And there we stood, Joya and I, with this incredible tiny little kitten who didn’t look and smell that great. This cutie needed help, asap! After I took Joya to her class I went straight to the veterinarian. The kitty was noticeably very sick, obviously he had sneezing disease, so he had to be taking care of immediately!

The vet guessed that the kitty was about 4 or 5 weeks old, so tiny! And they checked if he had a chip, which was not the case. She told me to take the little kitty to the animal shelter nearby where they could treat her for that sneezing disease and also severe dehydration. At that moment I already made up my mind; this kitten was going to live with us! At the shelter they told me that after treatment the cat would have to be around 8 weeks old and weigh at least 800 grams before it could move to his new home. We waited for exactly a month when we finally got the call: we could pick up our adorable new familymember!

Joya always rides her bike to school, together with her big brother. And I always stay at home. It was such a coincidence that I was walking Joya to school that morning, we were already a little late and we were walking instead of riding our bikes. It’s like it was meant to be, like if it needed to be us who be there at that exact moment and rescued the kitten! I actually do believe in things like that! And we are so very glad it did happen because little Janice is the cutest, most cuddly kitty we could ever wish for!

This is how we found our tiny little fluff and wow, how fabulous and healthy does he look like now! I still can’t believe what would’ve happened to him if that car didn’t stop or if we weren’t around to take care of him…

This is Joey, our 2 year old cat. He is my best friend and I love him so much! He is very stubborn and a bit conceited but also the funniest cat I ever had!

At first Joey was not a fan of his new little brother but this only took about a day and now they are best friends and playing a lot together.

Luckily Joey accepted Janice into our home, they’re so cute together!

Janice is already feeling at home with us! Here he is hanging in the tipi in our livingroom! All mischievous and cute!

Have you ever seen a litterbox that pretty? It’s from Curver and I am completely in love with it! I just thought this was a good moment to look for a new litterbox, one that’s very easy to clean and perfect for two cats. Well, I’ve found it and OMG; it’s pink! I couldn’t be happier, haha!

Looking for a new pet? Why not take a look at your local animal shelter? There are so many adorable kittens, cats and dogs who are all waiting for a new home. 

Some people might have recognized the names of our cats; Joey and Janice. A world famous duo, right? From Friends! Oh! My! Goood!

Joey and Janice’s Day Of FUN!

So, now all we need is two more cats whom we can call Princess Consuela Bananahammock and Crap Bag.

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