Vitamin Sea

We just looove the sea. Maybe it’s because we’re all pisces here, both me, Joya and her brother! Al three of us have our birthdays in February and we all love swimming and have a desire to escape reality some times. What better place for us to spend a day at than the beach?

So, as you could read in our previous blogpost, we took the boat to one of the Dutch Wadden islands and had a lovely day at Schiermonnikoog last weekend. This is a beautiful island and is perfect to wander around and daydream.

Joya was wearing her sunjelly shoes all day, those are great for running around in the sand and water.

Her adorable tweed dip dye shorts are from Billieblush.

My sonย Jaydenย took this funย picture of Paal 3, a lovely place to relax and have a drink. When we arrived it was ebb but when we wanted to leave it was already flow!ย ~ The ebb is the outgoing phase, when the tide drains away from the shore; and the flow is the incoming phase when water rises again.

~ Happiness comes in waves ~ 

After a 5K walk we decided to rest nearby the lighthouse, which made the perfect backdrop for Joya wearing her warm and cozy Karl Lagerfeld sweater.

The jeans is from Zara and the sunglasses are from H&M.

It was a windy day but not too cold. We loved it so much, in the fresh, salty ocean air!

Close to the lighthouse there’s someone selling all kinds of gorgeous sea shells. We picked out a lot of them! Now we need to find a fun DIY project to use them for! Do you have any ideas?

And then it was time to take the boat back home… Joya had her iridescent backpack (from Claire’s) filled with shells.

Joya and her big brother, Jayden.

Bye beach! Sea you soon!

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