Movies to Watch Before You Visit Disneyland Paris!

Over 75 years of movie magic has inspired so many attractions and characters at Walt Disney World that have brought smiles, tears, and laughter to millions. Before you embark on your trip of a lifetime, grab some popcorn, your Mickey ears, your family, and start making memories!

Different movies connect with the different attractions or characters around the parks. Watch as many as you can before your trip! Whether it is your first visit or 100th! It is nice to brush up on movie and character knowledge before you go. Especially watch these movies with your little ones if they have never seen the characters or been to Disneyland before. It will make their experience a lot more fun!

Some of these suggestions will be obvious. Your child will no doubt have a better grasp on something like Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin if he’s, you know, actually seen Toy Story.

You’ll no doubt note that many Disney and Pixar films are not mentioned on my list (BambiHerculesHunchback of Notre DameUp, etc.) but this bears no reflection on the quality of the films, nor on their place in the canon, but rather speaks to their current relative lack of representation at the Disney parks and resorts.

Watch Sleeping Beauty because:

  • Well, there’s that big castle in the middle of the Magic Kingdom.
  • “La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant” inside the castle is a gorgeous retelling of this famous fairytale through lavishly illustrated books, rich tapestries and truly majestic stained glass windows.
  • Tip-toe through the dark dungeon “La Tanière du Dragon” underneath the castle, where you can find the dragon!
  • La Confiserie des Trois Fées is a supercute candyshop, decorated by the Fairy Godmothers!
  • Merchandise sold throughout the parks.
  • Character meet & greet experiences.

Watch Ratatouille because:

  • Ratatouille the Ride, an amazing 4D experience!
  • Bistrot Chez Rémy: Typical French Dining with a Rat’s Eye View! Bon appétit!
  • Chez Marianne is a brilliant Art Deco-style boutique, full of ornate memorabilia, vibrant art from the Ratatouille movie!
  • Merchandise sold throughout the parks.

Watch Alice in Wonderland because:

  • Alice’s Curious Labyrinth;  a fantastical voyage through the Queen of Hearts’ daunting maze!
  • Every day is a very merry unbirthday for the Mad Hatter. And he’s invited you to pour yourself into one of his oversized teacups at Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups!
  • Character meet & greet experiences.
  • Merchandise sold throughout the parks.

Watch Toy Story because:

  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is an exciting ride into space that continues the epic battle between Buzz Lightyear and Evil Emperor Zurg.
  • Andy has unpacked his RC Racer and set up a half-pipe of epic proportions. Once you’ve climbed into the huge remote controlled car, sit tight, as Buzz and Woody ramp up the speed and launch you on a thrilling ride of steep ups and downs. Over and over again. 
  • Shrink down to the size of Buzz and Woody at Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin and clamber onto the back of Slinky Dog, as he embarks on some loopy laps trying to catch his tail around a dog bowl filled with rubber bones.
  • At Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop Sarge has enlisted you to his little green regiment. But first you need to learn to parachute. So buckle up recruit, follow your orders and brace yourself for a thrilling 82-foot drop above an army base full of lookout towers and over-sized green toy soldiers. It’s as if you’re part of one big play set!
  • What could be better than the Toy Story films? Only toys of those toys! And they’re all here at Toy Story Playland Boutique: Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye!
  • Merchandise sold throughout the parks.

Watch Peter Pan because:

  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Tinkerbell is considered Disneyland Paris’ mascot and she is everywhere!
  • Merchandise sold throughout the parks.
  • Character meet & greet experiences.

Watch Finding Nemo and Finding Dory because:

  • After taking in the Sydney Harbour scenery, board a turtle shell on Crush’s Coaster and prepare for a ride through memorable moments from the movie.

Watch Aladdin because:

  • Climb aboard your very own magic carpet at Les Tapis Volants – Flying Carpets Over Agrabah and take off on a ride above the bustling streets of Aladdin’s land.
  • Travel through le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin at your own pace, as you wander past magical sets recreating famous scenes from the film.
  • Jump off your magic carpet and take a seat at Agrabah Café, where a marvellous Moroccan and Middle Eastern buffet grants all your hungry wishes.
  • Merchandise sold throughout the parks.

Watch Pirates of the Caribbean because:

  • One of our most famous attractions, Pirates of the Caribbean, where you navigate your way through the haunted realms of Dead Man’s Cove and Hurricane Lagoon.
  • Pirate’s Beach, with two playgrounds of fun!
  • Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates is a hugely popular new restaurant from the old world!

Watch Dumbo because:

  • Hop atop Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Take Flight and take off into the air on a joyful journey amid the jubilant sounds of carnival music. Feel the wind in your face as you take in the fabulous views of Disneyland below.

All aboard for a “mini” tour of the fairytale homes and villages made famous in classic Disney animated movies. Hop inside a festive animal cage or ornate sleigh and follow brave engine Casey Jr.— le Petit Train du Cirque from the classic Disney animated movie Dumbo, on a journey through Storybook Land. During your train ride, be on the look-out for these famous sites:

  • The dwarfs’ mine and house from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • The gingerbread house from Babes in the Woods
  • Rapunzel’s high tower with a braid hanging out of the window, from Tangled
  • The Old Mill
  • Prince Eric’s seaside castle from The Little Mermaid
  • The Greek temple and Mount Olympus from Fantasia
  • Snow-covered landscapes from Peter and the Wolf
  • The “Night on Bald Mountain” scene from Fantasia
  • The Cave of Wonders from Aladdin, which swallows the boats
  • A scene from The Sword in the Stone
  • Belle’s village and the Beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast
  • The Emerald City and the Witch’s Castle from The Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz

Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Pooh if you’ve got little ones. They will absolutely see lots of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pooh, Tigger, etc. merchandise around the park and maybe, just maybe they’ll even get the chance to hug one of them!

Also a great way to get into the Disney mood is by going to the cinema and watch a brandnew Disney movie on the big screen! You can see The Nutcracker and The Four Realms, Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 and Mary Poppins Returns this December and Toy Story 4, Aladdin, Frozen 2, the Lion King and Maleficent 2 will be released soon in 2019 so there’s plenty to look forward to!

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