My Little Pony the Movie!

As huge My Little Pony fans we were asked to be present at the official My Little Pony Movie première by Independent Films in Utrecht. We had to ask permission from Joya’s principal to leave school early that day but he was thankfully okay with it! Now we could join many other lucky kids for an official première party at the Kinepolis movie theater on Oct. 11th!

The above was all planned over a month before the movie would hit the theaters and much to our surprise we got an email from the lovely girls from the PR Factory if we we wanted to go to the pre-screening of the MLP Movie on saturday the 7th of Octobre in Groningen too! This happened on the 6th! They had a few extra spots open and since we live very close to Groningen we loved to accept this invite! But this would mean Joya and I would get to go to two MLP premieres and see the movie twice within 5 days. Wow! Yes, please!

The official launch date of the MLP Movie was on the 11th but we got the chance to see the movie already on the 7th! The girls from the Pathe cinema in Groningen were already busy putting up a giant arch made of balloons in front of the entrance when we arrived early on this saturdaymorning! This was looking awesome! So festive and happy!

And here we are at the Kinepolis cinema in Utrecht! Independent Films organized a huge première party at this location and we are very happy and proud te have been invited!

Yay! There was also an arch made of balloons at this première in Utrecht! With different ponies but just as perfect as the one in Groningen! I really loved those balloon-ponies! They were made so well! I wish I knew who to give credit for making them..

Rocking a jacket by Mini Rodini, a top by Delsa Donna, jeans by Zara and fabulous unicorn shoes by Irregular Choice Kids!

These shoes! My gosh, how perfect are they?!

There was so much fun stuff to do before the film started! Like making bracelets, or drawing, doing a game and get glitters on your face!

The new MLP merch at the little candyshop of the Kinepolis! Before I knew it Joya and I were the proud owners of a Twilight Sparkle cup, and a Raibow Dash soft toy!

We all got a box of yummy snacks and drinks at Pathè and at Kinepolis we also got popcorn and drinks before the movie started!

And then it was time for the movie to start! Joya was super excited and to be honest, I was too!

Storyline: A dark force threatens Ponyville, and the Mane 6 embark on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria where they meet new friends and exciting challenges on a quest to use the magic of friendship to save their home.

Meet Tempest Shadow, a pony with a broken horn, on an evil mission! And here you see bad gal Tempest with her sidekick Grubber, who loves to eat candy and cupcakes!

But there are also some sweet and fabulous new characters, like Princess Skystar and her mom Queen Novo! And yes, that’s right: they are mermaids! And they have this special power where they can transform the MLP’s into seaponies too! Truly one of my favourite parts of the movie!

I loved the movie even more because of the music which was done by one of my favourite singers; SIA! Her new song Rainbow is the soundtrack of this movie and we just LOVE it! I already ordered the official soundtrack, which has 13 tracks. I have to say, the song “Open up your eyes” by Emily Blunt as Tempest Shadow is so amazing, it gives me goosebumps!

SIA even has her very own My Little Pony character in this movie! Her name is Songbird Serenade and she looks FABULOUS!

Fun fact: Hasbro came up with some brand new and super amazing MLP toys! If you love My Little Pony and enjoyed the movie then you’ll gonna want to buy all these toys too! Trust me!

Lovely Link: Look at this pastel-pony! We created this cute little pony ourself! And you can design your own MLP too at!

PR FactoryIndependent FilmsPathèKinepolis Intertoys: Thank you sooo much for these fantastic MLP days! We had the best time ever and enjoyed every minute of it! The movie is awesome and all the activities around it were a lot of fun! THANK YOU <3

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