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Dutch moms with young daughters know exactly who I’m talking about when I mention the name Jill! Because Jill is super popular and famous in the Netherlands thanks to her very own childrens-televisionshow and many books! She is the queen of adorable doodles and fun DIY projects! Young girls absolutely adore Jill and she has over a 100K followers on het instagram account @jilloptv!

Joya has been a huge Jill-fan since 2014, when Jill started doing her own show on the Zapp network. When her first book came out we had to buy it immediately! This book, “Tekenen met Jill”, shows young girls how to learn to draw all kinds of girlie things, it looks supercute and helps kids to focus on their creative side!

Soon after buying Jills first book Joya asked for a new “vriendenboekje”, which is a little book Dutch kids take with them to school and let their teachers, classmates and friends write in. While searching for a cute vriendenboekje at our local bookstore she got super excited to see Jill just launched her very own copy, and being the little fangirl she was (and still is!) she just had to have it! So I just had to buy it for her and she proudly took it to school with her the next day. Classmates had no idea who Jill was, yet! They all had “vriendenboekjes” with Disney characters, Hello Kitty and horses or soccer themes! This was all way back in the beginning of 2015 and Jill was not the famous person she is today but all of Holland knows exactly who Jill is now!

Jill on the set of her lovely tv-show, which airs every thursday around 17:45 on Zapp!

Joya’s little collection of Jill-books!

At the moment publisher Karakter has come up with 10 Jill DIY/drawing-books and she has a lovely fiction book out at Gottmer publisher.

The end result of a drawing seems a bit complicated but the book helps to get there step by step with simple instructions!

Jills very first fiction book is called Elvy’s Wereld ~ So Boho. It’s about Elvy, her sister Joy, her friend Kate and being creative with drawing and fashion design during a summer on Ibiza! Sounds pretty awesome, right?

The book is for girls aged 10 and up but I am totally gonna buy this book for Joya soon. Joya is one of two kids in her class who are very good at reading, they always spend their mornings at school in a group higher and are allowed to pick any book from the school library they want, also the books for eight graders! (Yes, this is a very proud mom speaking!) So if your little girl is around 8 or 9 and a great reader and you think she would be able to understand the story, then this is a lovely addition for her book collection. The book has lovely illustrations and a fun, girlie feelgood story! I hope they’ll make a movie out of it, or something!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Or something fun and creative on the Sinterklaas wishlists? A Jill book is always a great idea, trust me! They’re perfect for girls aged around 6 – 12 and are an awesome way to get your girl to be creative and draw! The instructions on how to draw are super simple but the results are amazing!

Signed by the one and only Jill!

A little while ago we were at the childrensbook party in Utrecht and on this special day kids could have a meet & greet with the one and only Jill! Joya was super nervous to finally be able to meet her idol! While waiting in line for over half an hour I bought Jills latest drawing-book and Jill signed it for Joya! So out of all the Jill books we have at home this one is extra special!

Meeting your idol… Best Day Ever!

Meeting your idol is always exciting but being just seven years old and suddenly standing next to the one and only Jill was super exciting for Joya! Luckily Jill is a lovely girl, she takes her time with every single one of her tiny fans. There were over a hundred kids in line and she still tried to give them all a personal little moment with her.

Later on that day we met Jill again! By accident, really! Almost all the visitors of this event already left and while we were waiting to say goodbye to our friends – who are the owners of the Snor Fabriek, where this event was being held- we were wandering around this fab location when we saw Jill, who was helping to clean up her stand along with her team from the publisher. When Jill saw Joya she came up to her and asked her if she had fun this day, if she liked her new book and she gave all the bunting and balloons that they used as decoration for the stand away to Joya! She also gave her a big hug! It was very nice to see that even after the official event Jill truly is a caring and sweet person. It’s not an act like some celebrities put up. There is no arrogance or attitude at all. I loved being able to see this side of Jill and that she really appreciates the little girls (and boys) who helped make her become the famous person she is today!

Do you want to meet Jill too? Ofcourse you do! You can check here if she will be signing in a bookstore near you! If not, let me tell you: it’s totally worth a trip to the other side of the country, like we did!

Jills new book: the perfect gift for girls and boys who love to learn how to draw!

Jill also has her very own party and stationery collection out now! We were fortunate enough to receive some fun musthaves like banners, balloons, pens and stickers from Jill herself! With Joya’s birthday coming up soon I think we’ll be having a fabulous Jill-party!

Want to know more about Jill? Check out her lovely website: Jills World.

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