At the Opening of the New #LushHoogCatharijne

Yay! Lush opened a brand new store in Utrecht yesterday! It’s just outside the central station, at the Hoog Catharijne mall. Like, maybe a two minute walk away from the trainstation! A perfect and amazing location! You can’t miss it!

I was so excited when we got the invite to be present for the opening. Unfortunately I was not able to take Joya with me, because she had to go to school, but I sure brought her back some lushious goodies to make up for it. She even gave me a little wishlist after seeing some fun products on the Lush instagram story feed, which would be exclusivly available at this new Lush store for a limited  time only! More about those exclusive items below but first, let me show you this fab new store!

photo ยฉ Lush Utrecht Hoog Catharijne Facebook

photo ยฉ Lush Utrecht Hoog Catharijne Facebook

Guests got a healthy drink upon entering the store. I chose a fresh juice but took a delicious rosey lemonade with me on my way out. The bottles were very pretty and in true Lush style. I am totally gonna re-use them as vases.


There were many fun demo’s to watch and experience yesterday but there was also the possibility to make your very own products! OMG! I know, right?!

You could make a Shooting for the Stars bathbomb and ofcourse you got to keep it! It contains Brazilian orange oil, coconut creme and bergamot oil; it smells sooo comforting and soothing, I absolutely love this bathbomb! And now I got to make my own! How cool is that!

And then it got even better, when we got to make Cupcake facemasks! The Lush facemasks are always fresh but making your own is like the freshest it gets!

It starts with some minty leafs, then add some linseed infusion and glycerine, blend it all together. Next up are cocoa powder, cocoa butter and all kinds of fabulous oils. Blending again and you’ll get this amazing chocolat-y mousse!

If you’re a chocoholic, like me, and you have a sensitive skin, as I do, then this is the perfect mask for you! You have to keep it in the fridge but that also gives it a cooling sensation which I personally really like. Put on a generous layer of this cocoalicious mask on your face and let it dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it off and your skin will be very clean and will feel super soft.

There they are! Cupcake and Shooting for the Stars, made by me!

Is the chocolate Cupcake not your cup of tea? Lush has lots of lovely fresh face masks, you’ll sure find the perfect one for you!

This new Lush store has everything you would expect at Lush, like lots of bathbombs…



And make-up!

Joya loooves the Lush lipscrubs and lipbalms while I use the liptints a lot. The Black Rose is my fave at the moment, it was made for last Halloween and I wear it almost every day. I have the new naked lip tints on my wishlist but because of the cold weather it’s mostly balms I’ll be buying at Lush right now!

There were best-sellers and…

Exclusive products! Only for a limited time available at this brand new Lush store! Whoaa!

Oaty Creamy Dreamy is a shower cream and contains cooling oat milk, rose water and lovely lavender. It’s very moisturizing and smells very dreamy! And you can’t get this anywhere else in the Netherlands, only at Hoog Catharijne!

These bath oils make lovely little gifts and there are so many different kinds available! You can buy a little box to keep them in, mix and match some oils and you’ll have the perfect gift for that special someone or just for yourself!

There was one very special little bath oil between all those others: Polyamorous. This cutie is very exclusive and you can’t buy it at other Dutch stores or at the Dutch Lush webshop. This heartshaped oil looks super lovely and will make your bath all pink! A real musthave for every bath oil fan!

But this new Lush at Hoog Catharijne had even more amazing exclusive products, only available for a short period of time to celebrate the opening of this great new store. Like a bubble spinner, which is like a fidget spinner but made of bubble bar soap!

These spinners really do spin and they will give your bath lots and lots of bubbles! Lush Bubble Spinners are very colourful and smell like lemon and lime! Oh, and they’re reusable!

And then there was Rump! Made for cyclists, runners and everyone who wants to make their derriรจre great again! Rump will also protect you from chub rubs and is also nice on dry elbows or knees as it is luxuriously thick and delicately scented. It’s a really awesome product and again: exclusive at Hoog Catherijne!

Today was so much fun! We looove fun! Don’t you love fun? Ofcourse you do! Everyone does!

Lucky me, got a lovely goodiebag wrapped in a fun furoshiki (knot wrap) with Santa’s Belly print! Inside was a jar or cool Rump, a jar of the amazing delicious Buck’s Fizz body conditioner, a cute Christmas Sweater bathbomb and the fun Bubble Spinner, yay!

I also got this adorable little Butter Bear wash card. Have you tried the new Lush wash cards already? I actually had a few, like Karma and Vanillary, but this one is shaped like a bear and smells like ylang ylang and musk. Mmmm!

And last but definately not least: I got a Berry Berry Christmas naked shower gel. This is one of my favourite Christmas products, the smell is perfection (cranberry and blueberry) and I already had one of them at home which was almost completely used up, so I was super happy to find a new one in my adorable goodiebag!

Then I had a little wishlist of products I just needed to buy this day. I ordered lots of musthaves already online, a week prior to my invite to this fab Lush party, because I just needed some big bottles of Rose Jam, Snow Fairy and the Comforter shower gels and some other things I can’t go a day without, like Lemony Flutter and Key Lime Pie lipbalm. But Joya asked me to buy her a new lip scrub today, Bubblegum ofcourse, and I was in desperate need of a bottle of American Cream conditioner. So I took home lots and lots of lushious products. And then I had a two hour trainride back home and I looked forward to try out all my new Lush products!

Were you also at the opening yesterday? Did you manage to get some of the exclusive products? And how awesome is the new store? Utrecht is one lucky city, my gosh!

This gorgeous new Lush store at Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht has 125 m2 of musthaves and has longer openingshours than other Dutch Lush stores; it’s open every monday from12:00 – 18:00, from tuesday till saturday from 10:00 – 20:00 and on sundays from 10:00 – 18:00. You can find more info here.

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