Step it Up!

A perk of living superclose to school is being able to use all kinds of fun and different ways to get there! Our home is about a five minute walk away from Joya’s elementary school and we only have to follow a bicycle path to get there. Not having to cross any busy roads or anything scary like that! Sometimes I walk Joya to school, most times she goes on her bike, sometimes ~if the weather allows it~ she goes on her rollerskates and since a few days she takes her brandnew Micro Step as a way to get there!

A scooter has been on Joya’s wishlist for so long now and I am so happy I was able to surprise her with this amazing neon pink scooter for Sinterklaas! ~ Sinterklaas is like the Dutch version of Santa Claus. He brings gifts for kids who have been nice in the past year and we always celebrate this tradition on December 5th. And this year Sinterklaas brought Joya a gift which she will certainly enjoy for the next few years!

Meet our Maxi Micro Scooter Deluxe! Made just for kids aged 5-12 years old. The step has a height adjustable handlebar which is awesome! This way the scooter can grow with your kid!

Just look at it! Isn’t it the cutest scooter you’ve ever seen? It’s bright pink, has adorable rainbow-coloured tassels, a purple basket with a big flower on it, a yellow bell and a green LED-light!

Micro Step  has it’s very own line of accessoiries to personalize the scooter any way you want. And by buying something from the official Micro Step collection you’ll always know it will fit onto your scooter perfectly!

Thanks to the bell and the light it’s actually very safe to use the scooter during the winter. It’s still a bit dark outside when school starts in the morning, so having a little (but very bright) light on your scooter is a real musthave! And kids are also required to have a bell on their bikes, so a bell on your scooter is just as important! Luckily Micro Step  sells great lights and bells on their website, in every colour of the rainbow!

Joya already had a helmet, otherwise she was not allowed to ride her rollerskates to school. So our helmet is not from the Micro Step collection, but I just know that if we need a new helmet we will absolutely get one from Micro Step next time! They have so many fun helmets in the prettiest colours like mint and coral but some also have amazing patterns, like this one above with the cute flowers!

This amazing pink scooter has a lean & steer mechanism, and a metal break on the backwheel. It comes with simple instructions on how to change the brake and how to change the steering spring, I am not sure when we’ll have to do those things but it’s pretty cool to know I’ll be able to do this myself when the time comes.

The Micro Step  website has a huge collection of spare parts, like new brakes or steering springs but also fun things like new decks in different colours. This is simple way to give your scooter a facelift after extensive use or you can buy one just for a fun makeover! The product pages all have clear instuctions, some even have Youtube tutorials! This is one of the reasons why I truly love Micro Step: they have everything and more you can wish for to maintain your step and you’ll be able to do all repairs by yourself, thanks to all the instructions on the website.

I absolutely love this Micro Step scooter! And so does Joya! The scooter is super light weight, which means it is very easily to carry around but the website also sells all kinds of bags, straps and hooks to take the scooter anywhere with you. There are also pegs available, so you can store your scooter on the wall which sounds pretty awesome.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of this scooter on Joya’s blog in the future as it’s her favourite thing in the whole world, she takes it with her everywhere!

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