Tulips! 2018!

One of the perks of living in the Netherlands is being able to visit a huge field of tulips anytime you want during spring-time, without having to travel very far. It’s every bloggers dream, or so I was told by my insta-friends online ~ and I agree because it’s an amazing location for fun photoshoots!

My dear friends from FamFlowerFarm in Lisse own some incredible tulipfields and they allowed both me and Joya, as well as my dear friend Claudia and her son Jessy, on their fields for a day. The lovely ladies of FamFlowerFarm organize guided visits to their fields and bring all the props you can imagine to make every photoshoot extra magical! In the past few weeks they’ve had visits from some super popular and insta famous girls! Some flew in just to get some pics of themselves at these wonderful tulipfields! Last monday it was our turn! Yay! And even though it was pretty cold and raining: we were having the best time ever!

Shop the look! 1. Joya was wearing a peach coloured cherry print dress from The Animals Observatory – via Orange Mayonnaise! 2. A pink watercan to add some extra fun to the pics – via Gewoon Chic! 3. The cutest little rain boots, with glitter! From Billieblush via IkBenZoMooi.nl!

100% Grown with Love!

We were not the only ones who got an invite to visit the tulipfields that day! There was also a blogger from Belgium who came to shoot some fashionable pics and she brought her family along with her. I myself took my dear friend (of almost 20 years!) with me: Claudia! And her adorable little boy Jessy!

Joya and Jessy! Joya is wearing a warm dress from The Animals Observatory! Little Jessy was wearing his favourite sweater from Hugo loves Tiki. Both are available at Dutch webshop Orange Mayonnaise!

These two had so much fun together! And I loved spending the day with Claudia. We have been friends for many years but don’t actually see each other very often. So being able to bring her, and her lovely kid, with us today made everything just even better!

I took these pics of little Jessy. Look at how handsome he is!ย *hearteyes*

Jessy was wearing this fun sweater with a seahorse-print from Hugo loves Tiki. The fab flamingo umbrella is our own, and was a gift from AlwaysFits! I have been taking this umbrella with me everywhere in the past few months and it was perfect for todays rainy shoot!

Special thanks to FamFlowerFarm for this amazing day! Make sure to follow them on instagram! They also sell all kinds of gorgeous flowers/bulbs in beautifully wrapped giftboxes! You can find their webshop here! And now we wait for dahlia-season… You have no idea how much I am looking forward to visit the girls from FamFlowerFarm when all their dahlia’s are in bloom. Just a few more months…

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