We recently surprised our cats with something amazing: Beeztees Cat Cubes! And they LOVE it!

“The Beeztees Cat Cube collection has a unique design and is the first elegant, modular system which appeals both cats and owners around the world. It is designed to suit different needs and desires of your cat. The range of modules creates a great habitat for cats to eat, sleep and play in. You can mix and match the design and different colours with your interior and change the configuration weekly for fun for your cat!”

There are 4 different types of Cat Cubes. There’s one for sleeping, one for eating, one for playing and one for scratching. There are a few possibilities how to present Cat Cubes, because the cubes can be connected in different ways. You can choose how youโ€™d like to place them. Because of the various colours, you can adjust it to your own preference and style. The Cat Cubes are also separately available. We really like to change the modules after a while to keep it exciting for the cats!We’ve got 5 Cat Cubes, one for playing, one for eating, one for scratching and two for sleeping ~ so Janice and Joey both have their own cube to take naps in. Janice really perfers the one on the top while Joey often can be found at the bottom sleeping cube, next to the food.

Janice loves the sleeping cube that’s all the way up high. From here he has an amazing view into the kitchen and the livingroom. He also uses this spot when he and Joey are playing hide and seek!

He’s not that good at playing hide and seek though…ย 
Our other cat is a bit camera shy… Luckily we’ve got little Janice to act all quirky for the pictures!
Sometimes I wish I was a cat.. Just look at him ~ he’s sooo spoiled!
On top of the… Cat Cubes! King of the livingroom!ย 
He can sleep in his cube for hours and hours… I’m sorry little buddy, did I wake you up?
These Cat Cubes are perfect to play in!ย 
Janice sure loooves them!

Beeztees Cat Cubes can be bought online or at your local petshop. Please visit for more information!

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