Girls just wanna have Sun!

I picked Joya up from school yesterday and we went straight to this local lake, which is our absolute favorite place to hang out at the moment. Joya’s big brother Jayden had other plans so it was just the two of us ~ and a giant inflatable swan. Because it was a schoolday it was super quiet at the lake which was actually pretty awesome.

When you have an entire lake almost to yourself!

We love quirky poolfloats, like this giant swan. Next time we’ll be bringing some other inflatables! They add so much fun to a day at the beach! 

Joya can’t sit still! She’s always running around or standing on her head! An empty beach turned out to be perfect for some gymnastics practice!

It was 29 degrees and a little windy ~ great for blowing some bubbles in your new bikini! ~ which is from Zara by the way.

After a few hours of swimming we got dressed ~ but we didn’t want to go home yet!
The lighting was perfect in the afternoon, so I just had to take a gazillion dreamy pictures of Joya.
While Joya was trying to catch some tadpoles!
This is one of my all time favourite photo’s of her. So dreamy, peaceful and with all the summervibes!
She’s a “toes in the sand”-kinda girl!
“I don’t wanna go home yet, mum! I wanna stay here forever!” Me too, sweetie.. Me too!

Joya was wearing a gorgeous summerdress from Billieblush ~ Oh, how we love that brand! The visors are from Zara, just as the bikini you saw in the previous pictures. The sunnies are from H&M and matched so cute with this dress!

Beach hair, don’t care!
Joya, her brother Jayden en I are all Pisces, so that might explain our immense love for water and beaches.
Time to go home… Put on your super~adorable shoes fromย Irregular Choice Kids!
Dreaming of summers that’ll last forever!

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