a Merry Kitschmas

This is our Christmas tree for 2018. Kitschy as always with a fake white tree and lots of fun decorations. But we also had a real tree this year, I just thought it would be cute – in a colourful Rice basket. Let me show you our trees from this year and some of our favourite ornaments!

A big fake white tree with lots of colourful ornaments in it and gifts under it!

Some Nijntje decorations I bought at the Bijenkorf. They’re from Vondels and I LOVE them!

This gorgeous pink nutcracker from Sass and Belle was on my wishlist but sold out everywhere. But then I was lucky enough to find one at Kdootjes! It’s so pretty and I am so happy to have it after all!

Another one of my favourites is this beautiful design from Disneyland Paris. I bought it two years ago at the  little Christmas shop in the castle! It made the best souvenir ever and it brings back so many happy memories!

I bought this little pretty Tinkerbell at that same shop in Disneyland Paris.

Also from Vondels is this little tiger. Such a cutie!

I found this one at Asos and bought it especially for Joya, because she loves to rollerskate!

Let me show you our real tree now, it’s small but adorable!

Just a little tree with a few vintage-style ornaments, fairylights and some white pompoms to mimic snowflakes – and a gorgeous Rice basket to put it all in.

These beautiful baubles are also from Rice and I am obsessed with them!

A little birdie, again – from Rice! It’s adorable!

And finally, the Eiffeltower. And you guessed it: it’s also from Rice.

Boys Whatever Cats Forever, my motto! I am obsessed with this poster, from Radbag!

And then, last but not least; my perfect pizza ornament! This is from Radbag too! It was a pizza-kinda Christmas for us this year because we made our own pizza’s on Christmas day and we had so much fun making (and eating) them, so this will forever be a reminder of this lovely holiday in 2018.

I already look forward to next Christmas and searching for more fun ornaments for our kitschy tree!

But first we’ve got plenty of other fun things to look forward to!

Happy Newyear!

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