Is Joya’s Hatchibaby a BOY or a GIRL?!

Now that the calendar officially says it’s fall, we know a few things are inevitable. The leaves will change colour, we will sip pumpkin spice lattes all day long and we’ll start seeing Christmas and Sinterklaas decorations in stores. If you’re a parent, you know that this is also the season when holiday toy guides begin to emerge and your kids start to dream of what they’ll be putting on their wishlists. And with Hatchimals being one of the hottest toys in town for the last two years you can be sure these new Hatchibabies will be showing up on a lot of lists!

In 2016 there was the very first Hatchimals launch ever. Kids all over the world got to hatch an adorable toy animal with supersoft fur, glowing eyes and cute sounds. Then in 2017 the Hatchimals Surprise came out and Spin Master (the company behind Hatchimals) doubled the adorableness when twins could be hatched! Yes, two fluffy friends in one speckled egg! And today, on October 5th 2018 ~ World Hatchimals Day ~ it’s time for yet another brandnew Hatchimal!


Are you ready? Because today we’re introducing to you the newest Hatchimals straight from Hatchtopia: the HatchiBabies!! These magical little creatures are hidden inside colorful speckled eggs, but they have a secret: they’re forever babies!

HatchiBabies? That’s so EGGciting!

I was surprised at how fast the thing hatched but the timing was great for any kid’s attention span. It also cannot hatch without you, so don’t worry about missing out on anything. The HatchiBaby is already listening and interacting from inside the egg so tap on the egg, then watch and listen as the HatchiBaby taps back. Put the egg down, and it will wiggle and wobble on it’s own, unlike any Hatchimal before. The eyes also shine through the egg, indicating different needs and moods. An included chart helps kids decipher the colors’ meanings and explains the appropriate response to each, for both before and after hatching.

You will know it’s ready to hatch when the Hatchibabies eyes light up all kinds of different colours. And this is when your kid will find out if it’s going to have a Hatchi Boy or a Hatchi Girl! The HatchiBaby can also be one of two species, a Ponette or a Cheetree. A drawing on the box helps determine which type the HatchiBaby is.

We got a BOY! Hatchi birthday little one! Yay!

After hatching the little baby there are so many things to do with it! Unlike previous Hatchimals, the HatchiBabies don’t go through stages, instead remaining as babies. However, just like with real babies, that means the HatchiBaby needs plenty of attention and care.

Like a real baby, the HatchiBaby responds to being fed, tickles and snuggles. It can even learn to talk and play games like ‘find my toes‘ and ‘bouncy baby‘.  It comes with some adorable accessories too, which trigger reactions in the Hatchibaby. There’s a rattle, a hairbrush, a bottle and little cuddle buddy.

Kids will learn how to help nurture the Hatchibaby in different situations, using both its touch-sensitive areas (forehead, feet) and the included accessories. For example, the cuddle buddy can sooth a sad or sleepy HatchiBaby, and kids can feed a hungry HatchiBaby with the bottle.

Look at this little cutie in his high chair with his little cuddle buddy!

Part of the egg becomes a high chair and of course there’s a birth certificate where you can write down the super creative name your kid insists on using. Joya named her HatchiBaby Jolly! We’ve got this little tradition going on where we name everyone, including pets (real and/or toys!) beginning with a letter J.

The people at the Dutch Spin Master HQ wanted to welcome these adorable little HatchiBabies into the world with a spEGGtacular party and we were invited! Woohoo! A little while ago, on a sunny afternoon in Amsterdam, there was this supertopsecret Hatchi~party inside a bar somewhere in de Pijp. First we had to sign a non disclosure agreement, signing these papers would mean we would not be allowed to tell anyone about these mysterious Hatchibabies – yet! But today, on World Hatchimals Day, we can finally show you the adorable HatchiBaby Joya has hatched and all the details about the party and this musthave interactive furry animal!

Lots of Good Vibes with the one and only unicorn Djamila! ~ Joya’s dress is from Billieblush AW18 collection!

OMG! Super famous YouTube star Meisje Djamila was also at the party! She is the queen of unboxing and told us all about this adorable new Hatchimal character and she showed us what these brandnew Hatchibabies could do after they were hatched. Huge bonus: after that we had a fun meet and greet with Djamila!

Kids got the chance to tape a vlog in one of the two videobooths and Djamila really surprised Joya by making a short appearance in her very first vlog ever! How awesome is that?! Whoaa!!

It was amazing to meet Djamila! She is supersweet and a lot of fun to talk to. Djamila has over a million Youtube followers, which makes her the most popular female vlogger in the Netherlands! YES! She also has her own VEVO account, DjamilaVEVO, where she shares her music videos. Did you know she is also responsible for the fun soundtrack of Jill’s new movie Elvy’s Wereld So Ibiza?

They are supercute, these HatchiBabies! And they have fun little accessoiries to interact with them and they wear tiny little diapers!

They can’t hatch without you! Will you hatch a boy or a girl? Find out on Hatchimals Day – October 5th, 2018! This time around the inside of the egg is a bit different and more fun than ever before.  Inside is either a surprise baby Hatchi~boy or a baby Hatchi~girl! And even better, once it’s hatched you’ll find really cool secret compartments inside, which you can use to play with your HatchiBaby even more!

Important detail: these HatchiBabies are bigger than the previous Hatchimals, as you can see on picture here! So they’re totally worth the money and your kid will LOVE them! They’ll absolutely make a great gift for Sinterklaas, Christmas or a birthday! Available in stores now!

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