Autumn with Carrément Beau!

It’s becoming a real tradition: going to the local heather~fields on a sunny autumn day, doing a photoshoot while Joya is wearing something new from a current fall collection. And because we’re having this amazing Indian summer in the Netherlands right now, this was the perfect timing to go outside into the woods and enjoy this beautiful weather while Joya was wearing the prettiest dress we could find! This time she was wearing a gorgeous dark green dress from Carrément Beau, a lovely French brand.

This gorgeous dark green dress from Carrément Beau is made in a soft viscose blend and fully lined in cotton. It has pretty pink and blue embroidery on the ruffles along the sleeves and bodice.

About the brand. Although keeping up with the times, Carrément Beau draws on the codes of classic fashion and claims its French origins. The brand offers delicate and poetic collections with discreet lines. Classic but never boring! 

You can get this fab fall dress online at KidsAround and ChildrenSalon.

Ofcourse we also made a crown of dried leaves, as we do every year. Making a crown like this is very simple and gives an amazing autumn-y effect to the pictures. You should really try to make one for your kid too, or make one together!

I never knew green, blue and pink would match so perfectly together but look at this… They really do!

Yes! We also brought our little hedgehog with us! His name is JellyBean and he is the cutest! JellyBean is a little African pygmy hedgehog and he is very curious and cuddly. Yes, cuddly!

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