furReal Chewie & other fun new Hasbro musthaves!

If there’s one party we really look forward to every year, it’s the annual Hasbro party at their office in Amsterdam! This years theme was Jungle Party and it was a lot of fun, as usual! Kids got a cute little backpack and big card on a keycoard upon arrival, with a treasure hunt map printed on it. Goal was to find 8 different stands from 8 different brands and at every station we got a little press presentation of their latest products, a stamp for their map and a little gift for in their backpacks. I really think this was al thought out wonderfully! The hunt was an adventure, collecting the stamps was very exciting and getting to try out all the new toys was a lot of fun! And when they turned in their maps at the end of the treasure hunt – with all the 8 different stamps – they got an extra surprise gift! Whoaa!

Let me show you our favourite new Hasbro toys!

furReal Chewbacca

If you’ve always wanted your own pet Chewbacca, this toy’s as good as it gets!

Meet Chewie! He is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk, a very loyal friend of Han Solo, and he serves as co-pilot on the Millennium Falcon. Oh, and he is furReal! This 16-inch tall furry version of Han Solo’s BFF roars when it’s pet and detects movement and sounds. Cute detail: rock Chewie and he’ll fall asleep like a baby. Awww…

Talk to Chewie and he’ll respond by roaring back and raising his arms up and down. The lil fella can react with up to 100 different sound and motion combinations. There are various different ways to trigger Chewie besides talking to it. You can press a button on his tummy hidden underneath his fur, rub his forehead, shake him up and down, and fly him around. He’ll respond differently each time. Yeah, this toy might just be the most adorable thing in the galaxy!

Shop furReal Chewie at Zavvi.

furReal Ricky

Another furReal cutie is this pupper Ricky! He is superfluffy, adorable and knows all kinds of cool tricks! With a little help, Ricky can balance his toy bone on his nose, and then flip it right into his mouth. Kids can also reach for his paw to watch him raise it for a handshake. As your little one interacts with Ricky, they can reward his good behavior with treats just like they would with a real puppy. One of the best parts about this doggo is his no-mess digestive system! After feeding him some treats, Ricky will poop them out when kids pet his back. While it doesn’t compare to the real thing, furReal Ricky will teach kids the importance of handling the not-so-glamorous duties involved with owning a dog.

While Ricky is super soft and cuddly on the outside, it’s what’s inside that makes him really special. Thanks to sensors inside his cheeks, nose, mouth, paw, and back, Ricky can respond to touches with more than 100 sound and motion combinations. Wow!

Shop furReal Ricky at ToyHouse.

furReal Rock-a-too

And then there’s this colourful cutie ~ a showbird Rock-a-too! With 3 modes of play, he’s the perfect partner for a show that’s full of songs, dances, and laughs. And with 50+ sound-and-motion combinations, he’s ready to take over the stage. Ofcourse, even a show-biz veteran likes to be petted and praised ~ pet his left cheek for a loveable response and maybe even a kiss!

Shop this adorable Rock-a-too at Zavvi.

Meeting Ricky and Rock-a-too! They’re both supersoft and cuddly! 

Lost Kitties

So those were some amazing new furReal musthaves! Now it’s time to show you some other brandnew Hasbro products that are very high up on our wishlists too, like… the Lost Kitties!

Hasbro’s newest collectible line featuring adorable cats, aka Joya’s new obsession (and honestly, mine, too)!

Lost Kitties characters have a mind of their own! They love adventures, and always seem to end up hiding in a carton. Can you find who’z hidin’ inside?

Each carton includes a Lost Kitties figure, 2 randomly packaged accessories, and a meme sticker ~ all hidden inside soft, shaping compound. The included shaping compound can be used to create all kinds of cool things for the kitties.

Every Lost Kitties figure belongs to a squad that has its own unique personality. Use the included collector’s guide to search for individual characters or complete squads. Each kitty squad has its own mischievous interests and personalities, such as #adorbs, #scaredycats, and #nomz. Collect them all!

Shop Lost Kitties online at ToyHouse.

NERF Laser Ops

Yes, this is a NERF gun but oh boy, it’s way better than the ones we had before because this one doesn’t fire darts! It’s giving the fans (and moms) what they always wanted: A LASER GAME! How amazing is that? I am sooo excited about this because this would mean that I won’t have to go out and buy new darts after every time they’ve played with their NERF guns. Somehow those foam darts just always disappear…

Just put batteries in the blasters, turn them on and start shooting. When you’re hit the gun makes a noise and a red light starts to blink. It’s like a traditional game of laser tag, but the real awesome feature of the Laser Ops Pro is its Bluetooth capability. You’ll need to download the Nerf Laser Ops Pro app to your phone and connect to the blaster following the onscreen instructions. Then, you’ll have your choice of single player and multiplayer modes.

Single player is essentially an augmented reality game. To set it up, you strap your phone into a rubber holster, a piece of plastic that fits snugly on the barrel of the blaster. When the game begins you will see drones flying towards you on the screen that you have to aim at and shoot. If you enable camera access, you’ll see your actual surroundings on the screen, a very cool feature, as is the haptic feedback (a phone vibration) that happens when you hit or are hit by a target.

Connected play with friends is even more fun. The same rubber holster that fits on the solo attachment also wraps tightly around your wrist, turning your phone into an big smartwatch that displays your current ammo and health, time remaining, and the locations of the other players using their phones’ GPS signals. In the app you can set up a free-for-all or team game with up to four total players that lasts three, five, 10, or 15 minutes.

Get your Nerf Laser Ops via Zavvi.

 Is a Nerf gun with no foam darts really a Nerf gun? I don’t know. But they sure are a lot of fun!

Mighty Muggs

Mighty Muggs are back! Whoaa!!

If you’re not familiar with the line, here’s a little backstory. The first waves came out around 2008.  Hasbro started with Marvel and Star Wars and eventually added Transformers, GI Joe, and Indiana Jones.  The line “died” after a few years, but was resurrected with Micro Muggs and Mini Muggs in 2012/13.  But those were Marvel only.  The original Muggs were about 6 inches tall, Mini Muggs were about half that size, and Micro Muggs about 2 inches tall.  They did not catch on…

Collectors of Funko Pop figures sometimes accuse Hasbro of ripping off Funko. They’re so wrong.  If anything, it’s the other way around because Muggs were released first. Like with everything that is old is new again right now and this means Mighty Muggs are back for 2018!  Hasbro has released two sets of figures, one Marvel (ofcourse) and one Star Wars (yay).  Back are the weird body shapes.  Back are the awesome paint applications.  And in an added twist… their heads twist.  You push on them to reveal three rotating expressions.

We love and collect Funko Pops but after seeing these new Mighty Muggs I would love to own a few of those too! The Star Wars shero’s are so fierce and I love their different facial expressions! Just look at Leia, below! But Rey and Qi’ra are also available! #GirlPower

Buy Mighty Muggs online at Zavvi.

Baby Alive

The new Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby Doll is the most expressive Baby Alive doll to date. Just like a real baby, this baby doll will respond to her mommy’s voice and touch with more than 80 facial expressions, movements, and real baby sounds. You can tickle her tummy or feet to make her laugh. Talk to her and her head will move toward your voice. If she gets fussy and makes a frowny face, calm her with the pacifier or bottle. And after she’s eaten, pat her back to help her burp and pretend to change her diaper. You can even rock her to sleep.

Buy Baby Alive at Bol.com

Baby Alive is a lovely toy for kids aged about 3 – 6. Joya is not really into dolls but she thought this one was pretty darn cute. Younger kids who love to play with dolls will love Baby Alive because they can bond with their very own baby doll and give her love and care.

Many thanks to Hasbro for having us on this exciting day! We loved the treasure hunt a lot! And discovering all these new toys was amazing! Joya’s number one favourite were furReal Chewie, Ricky and Rock-a-too. Which furReal friend is your fave?

And there you have it moms, the latest Hasbro musthaves! What will you get your little one for Christmas?

Lost Kitties / furReal Chewie / furReal Rock-a-too / NERF Laser Ops / furReal Ricky / Baby Alive / Mighty Muggs

Joya was wearing a dress from the AW18 Billieblush collection. Many thanks to my dear friend Griselda for doing her hair!

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