Magical Mermaid Tea!

Mermaid tea is making our mornings magical! After seeing this amazing product on RadBag I just knew I had to get myself a canister of it!

The best foods are the most colorful ones, am I right? And whether they be healthy fresh produce or food coloring-filled frappuccinos, if it’s instagrammable it’s on my wishlist! Enter color-changing Mermaid Tea! Very social media-savvy and it changes from blue to pink when you add a little lemon to it.

Mermaid Tea is an exclusive beverage created by Firebox, a company which specialises in unusual gifts for everyone with imagination. I already knew some of their products and I love that RadBag is selling them in their webshop. RadBag is most definitely the go-to company for fun and colourful gifts; their products range from unicorn candy to cat-shaped gadgets to narwhal slippers and everything in between. There is something for everyone on the RadBag website!

Mermaid Tea is a blend of butterfly blue pea flowers and lemongrass, and leaves you feeling energised and re-freshed, like a dip in the ocean! It is filled with antioxidants due to its main ingredient of lemongrass. Turning from blue to a pink/purple by simply adding a squeeze of lemon juice (also great for digestion and the gut), Mermaid Tea is not only yummy, it’s healthy! Yay!

I left the Mermaid Tea to brew for about a minute and a half and I used about 2 teaspoons of the tea leaves/flowers and the tea got an amazing light ocean blue colour. A squeeze of lemon later and there was the beautiful pink mermaid tea in full effect. This tea is so impressive, not only is the whole colour changing thing mind-blowing, but the flavour is so delicate and calming.

When Mermaid Tea is brewed, it unravels a whimsical hue of blue that legit gives off ocean vibes. Then, with the squeeze of a lemon, a striking pink/purple ombre swirls into the blue. Yup, the tea changes colors before your eyes! It’s magic!

Ariel would totally approve!
Calling all mermaids! Let’s have a teaparty with an underwater twist! 

Besides being great to sip on, the canister the tea comes in is also amazing. It has a mermaid illustration created by Alicia Rihko, an artist know for her bold and vibrant work for Nylon, Vice, Dazed and Confused Magazine, etc.

From one colour to another is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Literally! You have to admit, this transformation is downright Instagram-worthy.
Mermaid Tea, take me away to my seahorse friends and castle under the sea.
The loose leaf blend in the gorgeous canister would be a genius gift for a BFF who is mermaid-obsessed.

Get this amazing mermaid tea at today!

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*Items were gifted to style and review, and of course all photo’s, thoughts and opinions were our own!

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