Disneyland Paris! What to pack!

Wondering what to pack for your Disneyland vacation? Let me share with you my personal packing checklist and packing tips that will improve your vacation plus other items you never knew you needed at the Magic Kindom.

Let’s start with some very important items: Passport/ID cards – Money/Bankcards – Boarding passes – Booking confirmation – Park tickets – Travel insurance documents.

Prepare for all weathers! Let’s be real, Disneyland Paris isn’t blessed with the best climate, the weather can be beautiful but it can also be very unpredictable, cold and rainy. Check the forecast before your trip but prepare for every eventuality by packing a poncho and also some sunglasses.

Layer up! Make sure to bring along several jeans/trousers and a range of t-shirts which would work for all weathers plus some layers on top: a cardigan, a jacket, a hoodie, a couple of jumpers and… a raincoat or poncho! Also definitely do remember to take one, super important!

Make-up bag! With waterproof mascara, lipstick, a no tangle hairbrush, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste.

First-aid kit! I always make a little first-aid kit to take with me all day, just in case because the last thing you need is for your day to be ruined by a blister or a headache. Take care of yourselves and your kids by packing essentials such as bandaids, woundspray, aspirine.

Look at these adorable pajamas and onesies from C&A!

Pajama! I always buy brandnew pajama’s (or a onesie) before each trip and they’re always Disney themed, ofcourse! C&A has some super adorable Disney pajama’s and so do H&M, Zara and Primark.

Hand sanitizer! Yes, Disneyland is magical, but it’s not magically germ-free… So always keep a little bottle of hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes in your purse!

Lush! We always take some Lush products with us, like bathbombs, bath oils and body conditioners. Taking a hot bath at the end of a long day wandering around Disneyland is just the perfect way to relax. I looove the Sleepy Shower Bomb because of the lavender. A good nights rest guaranteed! Also, a bath filled with glitters and colours makes the end of every Disney day extra magical for kids (and moms)!

Comfy shoes! You’ll easily do 15,000 steps a day at Disneyland. If you aren’t used to walking this much it will be tough on your feet. Be sure to take lots of breaks and make sure you have practical shoes. We swear by Vans, because of their comfy fit and fabulous Disney designs – see some of their musthaves above! But I also really love my Skechers as their memory foam soles are heaven on your feet ~ like squishy clouds! A couple of extra pairs of socks wouldn’t go amiss either.

Lanyards are ideal for holding your tickets, money, credit card, etc. They’re available for purchase at the park, too. You’ll want to have your tickets in easy reach to grab fastpasses throughout the day.

Yes, these plush toys are actually super powerful powerbanks! OMG!

Powerbank! Poor reception in the park and the need to check wait times, planning apps, or share photos via social media can be a drain on your battery. So make sure you charge your powerbank every night and take it with you during the day! A cute Mickey or Minnie plush powerbank only adds to the fun! They’re from GeeekTech and I am completely obsessed with them!

Keep warm! Ofcourse we want to wear our Mickey ears all day long but we usually visit the park in the winter so a warm wooly hat, a colourful scarf and a pair of cute mittens is essential. After all, you lose a large percentage of body heat from your head. Or something like that.

Which one of these Vans backpacks would you take with you to Disneyland?

Purse or backpack! Some sort of bag or backpack is pretty much a must. Once you are in one of the Disneyland parks, chances are you will want to make a full day of it which means there are a few things you will want to take with you. And yes, bags always have to be Disney themed! Just kidding! But I do love the bags with Disney designs from Irregular Choice, Danielle Nicole and Loungefly but Vans has the most amazing Disney bags at the moment!

Always, always, always take a fleece blanket with you. It’s light to carry around in your backpack and it will be great when you’re waiting for the parade to start or for the fireworks to begin. You can even sit on it, the streets can get very cold at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be a gigantic blanket but a little one (to keep your kids warm) will do the job!

No plush? That’s right. I don’t want Joya to bring any of her soft toys but she is allowed to buy one as soon as we arrive at Disney Village! In 2017 she chose a mega plush Marie, with sound! She still sleeps with it and the dreamy music takes her right back to Disneyland every night! In 2017 she picked out another soft Marie, without sound this time but equally adorable! I look forward to see what she’ll pick on our next trip. Probably a Marie, again!

Final tip: Probably the most important tip for packing your suitcase, leave room for souvenirs!!

I hope this guide helps you better-prepare for Disney! But what about you? Are there any interesting things you pack that might make me (and the rest of us) say, “why didn’t we think of that?!” If so, please share them in the comments below.